Electronic Submission of Certificates of Origin

A consolidated online platform that enables clients and/or freight forwarders to submit COO (Certificates of Origin) requests to Chambers to approve online and apply REAL digital signatures.

Real Signatures

We capture and re-use the client's real signature. Using our mobile application that supports both Android and IOS devices, you can capture your digital signature.

Any Device

SmartAdmin can be access via any device from traditional desktops to laptops to tablets... even smart phones!

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence refers to the systems implemented to consolidate data within an organization, enabling them to manage, analyze and utilize this information to make informed decisions. The improvement in overall business processes and productivity is measurable due to quicker decisions being made.


What Does SmartAdmin Do for Me?

SmartAdmin is online platform to submit COOs for Chamber approval.

Not remove but decrease the manual effort by introducing a paperless certificate of origin with an electronic signature and online portal.

Streamline process of members - cost savings and efficient process which in turns yields more professional service.

So Why Should I Use SmartAdmin?

That is a very good question... below are some reason to consider using SmartAdmin.

Do you need a Certificate of Origin? And you need it yesterday?

Do you plan to export a product from South Africa? You do, so you are familiar with completing a manual carbon copy process and waiting 2-5 days for the approval of the certificate. That is crazy, why wait? Our average approval time is less than 30 minutes.... that's right

approval in less than 30 minutes!

Convenience = More Money

Nope not this time! For the same price as the manual certificate, our electronic certificate of origin is the same price.

No additional cost

Need Extra Help?

We don't mean a chatbot... we mean a personal touch. Meet our support team, super enthusiastic, patient and willing to help, no matter how many times you ask. We'll get you over the line.


We are home grown South African, so we understand "howzit", "now now" and "kiff my bru". Which means we understand you and your needs better than anyone else.

General Information & Rules

Below is whole lot of useful information and shortcuts to references.

Approved Countries

Which Countries Support Electronic COO? Good question... View the list of all the countries that are either receiving and/or issuing electronic COOs.

ICC Rules

Read through the overview and the rules of COOs to get a better understanding of the business processes and definitions.

HS Codes

Looking for the HS Codes for your products? For assistance in ascertaining your HS Codes for your export goods, visit www.ftwonline.co.za then search using keyword or tariff code under Tariff Book (S1 P1). Alternatively, browse Tariff Headings.

What Do We Offer?

No more driving to Chambers
Fast turnaround time
Real signatures
Secure transactions
Dashboard & Reports
Direct API Integration

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To accompany our online tutorials, we further offer several pdf versions that you can download and read at your own time.


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